Fix for setatr in clifile.c

Jeremy Allison jra at
Tue Apr 26 18:54:32 GMT 2005

On Tue, Apr 26, 2005 at 02:47:03PM -0400, derrell at wrote:
> "Satwik Hebbar" <satwikh at> writes:
> > I was using the cli_setatr function of the smbclient for setting file  
> > attributes on a file and the cli_setattrE function for setting timestats  
> > on the file. Both the functions were converting times to the dos format  
> > before putting them onto the wire. While this works fine for setattrE,  
> > setatr, which accepts a time_t value for the last write time for the file,  
> > sets the incorrect last write value on the file. This is because setatr  
> > expects times in the unix format and when I made that change to the code,  
> > it started setting the proper last write time value.
> The CIFS spec (draft-leach-cifs-v1-spec-02.html) agrees with the above
> imperically-derived bug find.  It appears, though, that the Samba server
> expects a DOS-encoded timestamp, not a Unix timestamp.  reply.c:reply_setatr()
> calls make_unix_date3() with the supplied timestamp before setting the file's
> attributes with utime().
> Is it possible that this code path has not been exercised in the Samba server,
> such that no one ever noticed that the timestamps are set incorrectly when
> using SMB_COM_SET_INFORMATION (aka SMBsetatr)?  Or are different styles of
> timestamps passed at different times, and some more information is required to
> ascertain whether to do the format conversion?

Test this against a W2K3 server. Don't change anything until then. It's unlikely
such an old SMB actually uses a UNIX time_t no matter what the spec says.


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