[PATCH] Bug#1780 smbspool can't use kerberos authentication

Rodrigo Fernandez-Vizarra Rodrigo.Fernandez-Vizarra at sun.com
Thu Apr 21 13:43:09 GMT 2005


Attached you will find two patches.

The first one samba3-smbspool-krb.patch allows the smbspool cups backend 
to use the kerberos credentials of the user who issued the print job.

The second one does the same but also works in those systems, as SuSE 
SLES 9.0 where root processes are not allowed to read user kerberos 
ticket cache (don't know if this is a bug or a feature).

Of course, for this patch to work you have to have a kerberos ticket 
available ( kinit, or pam_krb5 configured).

It first try to use the username:password (if any ) encoded in the 
DEVICE_URL, if it fails it tries to use kerberos, if that fails tries an 
anonymous authentication.

Any feedback will be welcomed.

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