Automating Samba / Password Security Road Block

Michael Lueck mlueck at
Sun Apr 17 12:57:36 GMT 2005

Ronan Waide wrote:

> Most (all?) of the command-line stuff supports being fed credentials
> via a file. Check the help text for the commands you're using.

If it is written there, I must be really blind. I have tried the 'net help' for the area I am interested in scripting, also the man page for net. Do you have a bit more details about what you mean and 
I will test it out w/o formal docs.

The first thing I hope to script is a 'net rpc' command, which I see net accepts a user via -U so I just need to get the password scripted in.

I was assuming that once I found a solution it would work across the board with Samba binaries.

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