Automating Samba / Password Security Road Block

Michael Lueck mlueck at
Sun Apr 17 12:31:20 GMT 2005

I asked about this topic on the general list and received no response... possibly this is more of an "internals" of how Samba works question and thus the incorrect eyes were seeing my previous post.

Coming from an OS/2 and Windows background, and from days were security was handled differently, the NET command was the main tool used in the SMB world to get things done. In the MS/IBM versions of 
this command, user ID and password were supported in the arg list. This made scripting a snap, and steps were taken to secure the servers which these admin scripts were left sitting on.

However, I find in the Samba world of today, various commands prompt for the password to be given apart from the arg list, and those commands have be secured such that the password can not be piped 
into the program. Is there a suggested method for scripting Samba tasks which prompt for passwords? One friend suggested I might have to set up Kerberos to get the job done... seems like just a bit of 
overhead to me.

Michael Lueck
Lueck Data Systems

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