Sailaja Josyula sailaja at
Wed Apr 13 14:39:20 GMT 2005

We are writing our own SMBserver for Windows.  The reason we are doing 
this is to allow users to map the contents of a DB to a network drive and 
users use MS Office applications to modify the DB content. 

We are using Net Use command to get a free drive that we can register our 
SMBserver to.   The Net Use command does not display a logon screen 
and does not require a Re-logon following inactivity within the mapped 

Windows Map Network Wizard provides Logon and Re-logon capabilities.  Is 
there a way to programmatically invoke the Map Network Wizard 
functionalities to map network drive and use its login function?    Just 
want avoide having to write Login code and keep track of length of 
inactivity from users.

Any suggestions?

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