LDAP Query Delayed on Samba 3.0.10

Murphy, William William.Murphy at uth.tmc.edu
Tue Apr 12 22:32:52 GMT 2005

We have a server running Solaris 9 and Samba 3.0.10 that is configured
to query LDAP for group membership information.  It appears as though
Session Setup AndX SMB calls make the server go to LDAP for group
information between the 3rd and 4th packet in the session setup
sequence.  Samba waits an excessive amount of time before doing the LDAP
query (on the order of 2 - 8 seconds usually) and I was wondering is
there a configurable option that would affect this or is there a known
bug that would cause this?  Any advice would be appreciated.

Bill Murphy
Senior Network Analyst
University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston

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