3.0.13 bug #2557 "local printer" + "local port" -> \\smbsrv\myprn = offline

Urs Rau urs.rau at uk.om.org
Tue Apr 12 21:37:41 GMT 2005

OK I have a workaround for my problem, but the workaround seems really 
silly maybe it is so silly that somebody here can see what is going on 
if I describe what is happening.

Urs Rau wrote:
> I am writing this because the logs tell me to. ;-) "please report to 
> samba-technical at samba.org !"
> I am still battling with my printers which are set up as "local printer" 
> + "local port" (which happens to be pointing to '\\smbsrv\myprn') and 
> all show offline, but can actually be printed too.

So I have about 50 PCs a mix of win98se (90%) and a few win xp pro sp2 
machines. I had severeal printers installed on each one, all installed 
as "local printer" pointing to "local port"s that happen to point to 
samba printer shares. This all worked as it would against a windows 
server and the printers showed proper status when we were on samba 
2.2.12 but since we upgraded to 3.0.11 and since to 3.0.13 all printers 
have gone into "offline" mode on both win98 se and win xp pro.

And a long search resulted and in the process I found that if I remove 
such a printer that refuses to go online and re-install it it goes 
online and all is well.  But just to add insult to it any new pc where I 
try to install a printer now still sets that printer offline and only if 
I remove this printer and then re-add it again will it stay online. This 
behaviour is the same on both win98 se and win xp pro.

This is soo wierd.

Well, we have now gone around the 50 PCs and removed and then 
re-installed the printers, but why did we have to do this?

Thanks for any ideas or pointers.

Urs Rau

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