winbindd patch to avoid unnecessary connecting to DC in trusted domain

Qiao Yang qyang at
Sat Apr 9 16:29:50 GMT 2005

In Samba 3, when winbindd update the trusted domain list, sometimes the DC
doesn't return trusted domain name with its sid. So, in add_trusted_domain()
function of winbindd_util.c, it will lookup the sid of trusted domain if the
sid is empty. Currently it is using domain->domain_sid() method, which will
connect to trusted domain DC directly to get its sid.

I believe this is unnecessary and it should be able to get the sid of
trusted domains from DC of it own domain.

Attached is the patch, which uses name_to_sid() instead of domain_sid(), and
name_to_sid() is modified slightly to be able to look up for sid when the
username is empty.

-- Qiao Yang
St. Bernard Software

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