password change block for 3.0.14

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Fri Apr 8 04:00:32 GMT 2005

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Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
| Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
| | I've hit a stumbling block for 3.0.14 (fixes for Win2003 sp1).
| | A user logged onto a Win2k sp1 client cannot change her password
| | on a Samba DC.
| |
| | The client uses an older RPC against a Samba PDC (samr 0x26 -
| | ChangePasswordUser() ).  Where as as when joined to an NT 4 Domain,
| | the client uses a different call ( samr 0x37 -
| | SamrUnicodeChangePWUser2() ).
| |
| | My best guess is that the change is caused by the NTLMSSP auth
| | negotiate tagged onto the RPC bind ACK from the Samba box.
| This should have said absence of NTLMSSP auth (privacy) when
| talking to the Samba box.  However, apparently Samba 3 doesn't
| have server support for the NTLMSSP AUTH on rpc binds.
| I found the rpc fault ealier up in the trace.

scratch that.  Last mail tonight I think.  The issue is the presence
of multiple context id's causing us to misparse the pdu.

cheers, jerry
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