Invalid characters in file names

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Thu Apr 7 14:13:56 GMT 2005

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Simo Sorce wrote:

| Given that new clients do not have this problem and
| that the windows shell do not allow you to create
| files with such names anyway, I would like to add
| a parameter called "mangle legacy" that address this case.
| The parameter will not be on by default and will be
| useful only for who happen to have unix apps (or unix
| access eg by NFS/NCP/AppleTalk/...) that create such
| filenames. If the parameter is active such names will
| be mangled, otherwise not.

I think I'll defer to Jeremy's judgement on this on.
Why can't we just mangle them by default ?  I expect
the performance hit would be high since it would involve
check each and every filename we return.

On second thought.  I'm much more prone not to do anything
an leave the responsibility on the admin for dealing with
these types of things.

cheers, jerry
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