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Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Mon Apr 4 11:58:44 GMT 2005


 > I understand that, but I'd certainly fall into the minority of Samba
 > users then. I share my /home/dimi directory via Samba to my laptop,
 > there's no way I want my filenames modified by the system.

Existing filenames, and names that are crated by posix don't get
modified of course. By you are right that the case of names created on
windows would not be seen by posix.

Of course, a simple mod to /bin/ls or a LD_PRELOAD that hooks
readdir() and some other calls could make posix apps see the case
preserved name. Whether that is a good idea is debatable.

 > In Wine (and I would have thought in Samba too) we try to integrate
 > as much as possible the two (Win32 and POSIX) environments. A solution
 > that looks good only from a Wine/Samba standpoint fails on this criteria.
 > Obviously, we want it to look good from both perspectives simultaneously. 

yes, that is the ideal, it just depends how much you are willing to
pay for this in performance. When you are waiting many minutes for
something that should take a second or two you start to notice the

 > I forget now the outcome of that discussion, whatever happened
 > to Linus' proposal for that bit?

It hasn't been implemented yet as far as I know. Read the lkml thread
for the exact proposal.

Cheers, Tridge

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