WineConf Agenda

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Mon Apr 4 00:41:34 GMT 2005

I should also say that if the WineConf agenda doesn't have enough room
for us to complete our Wine<->Samba discussions, then I'd like to
invite any Wine developers who would like to continue the discussion
to come to the SambaXP conference which takes place directly after
WineConf just a few hours north of Stuttgart in Germany.

See for more details. 

I will be in Germany from the 28th of April until the evening of the
7th of May, so there should be plenty of time to have some in-depth
discussions with anyone who is interested both at WineConf, at SambaXP
and even after the end of SambaXP.

The Wine and Samba projects have a lot in common, so I really hope
that this will be the beginning of a strong relationship between us.

Cheers, Tridge

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