WineConf Agenda

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Sun Apr 3 10:57:58 GMT 2005


 > I think a full agenda would be about 11 items.  If you would like to
 > present something let me know - there's definitely space available. 

I'd like to present something on the way Samba4 stores the extra NTFS
meta-data in posix filesystems (streams, NT ACLs, DOS attributes,
extra timestamps etc) and open up a discussion on whether we could
come to an agreement with the wine project on how this should be
done. I can provide a demo of the implementation we currently have in
the posix NTVFS backend in Samba4.

I'd similarly like to discuss cooperating on share modes, oplocks and
byte range locks.

In each case I will be trying to encourage methods which can store the
full NTFS semantics, rather than limiting ourselves to only the things
that fit natually in posix filesystems. I'm guessing we will have some
lively discussion on whether this is a worthwhile aim :-)

Finally, if we have time, I'd like to discuss cooperation on IDL files
and MSRPC interfaces.

btw, I'm arriving in Stuttgart early on the 28th, so if anyone from
the wine or Samba community wants to meet up early then please let me
know. I'm sure we could find a corner where we can chat about windows

Cheers, Tridge

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