remapping illegal file characters

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Sun Apr 3 04:29:36 GMT 2005

On Sat, 2005-04-02 at 22:30 -0600, Steve French wrote:
> Samba probably ought to be doing the same kind of remapping (as Windows 
> does in SFU) so that  NFS users and local users can see the same file 
> names as the remote users.

I think this is a very good ida - CIFS should not impose additional
restrictions if we are trying to be a unix-unix filesystem. 

> A test patch for the cifs client (remaps the illegal characters, except 
> for '*' (which is hard because it is needed for readdir - and can not be 
> globally mapped).  This patch allows you to create, view, list, stat, 
> remove etc. files with six of the seven key filename characters (legal 
> to Linux/Unix, illegal to Windows).
>     :  < > | ? \
> This allows recognizing/using remotely files created by SFU on Windows 
> servers as well.

The only bit that bothers me about this is that we must then escape any
'legitimate' use of the escape sequence - is this easy to do, given the
way this is just pushed into the private unicode area?

Andrew Bartlett

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