[linux-cifs-client] cifs mounted home directory problems

Steven French sfrench at us.ibm.com
Fri Apr 1 16:51:38 GMT 2005

>> Also interesting that Samba returns very odd names (and empty
>> altnames) on FindFirst full directory info on existing
>> files with such illegal names - looks like a bug in the server
>> FindFirst code.

>Hmm, maybe an indicator that all is not well with the samba
>implementation of the ':' stuff. Is this a show stopper for implementing
>the 0xF0 patch? Or is it non-critical?

I do not believe the problems in Samba's filename mapping and validating
routines are a problem for following the "add 0xF000" approach.

By the way our Unicode expert explained a key detail to me which
makes me more comfortable with the "add 0xF000" approach
      "The Unicode characters in the 0xF00xx range are in the user defined
      Microsoft uses this range for fonts with unknown encoding (such as
      Both Microsoft and IBM also map certain Asian user-defined characters
into this range.
But the key thing now is to test it - which I am coding at the moment - it
would not be so hard
(I could map it by changing just two places in the Unicode translation
code) except that I don't know whether to
do the same maping of the characters
      :    ?   *
in Unicode translation to/from
      a) usernames
      b) sharenames
(are there other places cifs does Unicode translations? I have to check.)
I probably do not want to translations for
      c) symlink data

What about other illegal characters? Although I have not been able to
generate a Linux file with
      <  or > or \ or |
yet - it may be possible to do that via the API (bypassing the shell).

I will send you a patch within a few hours to try.

Steve French
Senior Software Engineer
Linux Technology Center - IBM Austin
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