kerberos private and deprecated functions being used

derrell at derrell at
Fri Apr 1 16:09:30 GMT 2005

Just to ensure that my comment in an svn checking didn't get lost in the
noise, I'll mention it again here...

In the process of cleaning up the compiler warnings from the code, I
discovered that the file libads/sasl.c uses krb5_*() functions that are marked
as private, and the file libsmb/clikrb5.c uses krb5_*() functions that are
marked as private and/or deprecated.

If anyone is interested in updating these files, the specific functions that
are so marked can be identified by undefining KRB5_PRIVATE and KRB5_DEPRECATED
from the tops of those two files and compiling with -Wall.  Compiler warnings
will then indicate that no external function declaration is found for the
private or deprecated functions.



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