Samba 3 searching for DMB instead of PDC?

Pedot Wolfgang clystron at
Fri Apr 1 07:15:36 GMT 2005


thanks for your explanations, I see now ;)

>>For some reason this domain
>>does not have a DMB (at least according to the WINS-Server)
> That's a problem, and is probably the problem you'll need to solve.  
> Something is happening on your network to cause the DMB service to fail.  
> Most likely, some other node on the same LAN as the PDC is winning the LMB 
> election (which shouldn't happen).

I already informed the responsible guys to investigate this because I 
also assumed that this is wrong.

> It's probably failing to answer on the #1b query because the name is 
> being de-registered.  Again, probably because there's an election failure.
 > The DMB is supposed to win the LMB election on its own subnet. Something
 > else (most likely a misconfigured Samba server) is winning the election
 > which is (probably) causing the DMB to demote itself.

The problem is that this domain has multiple subnets and multiple 
(B)DCs, the one on my subnet is most likely not the PDC. It is the local 
master browser but not the DMB and there is also no machine on my subnet 
that feels like beeing the DMB. Since the WINS servers (different 
subnet) do not know anything about a DMB either I am kind of lost here...

> The whold system is a bit fragile, IMNSHO.

Yes, i think you are right ;)

> By definition, the PDC must run the DMB service.  The lack of a DMB 
> strongly suggests that something else is wrong on this network.

So I have to wait for the admins to fix this.

> Hope that's helpful.

It definetly was, thanks a lot.


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