cli_query_secdesc failure with NetApp ONTAP

Brett Funderburg brettf at
Wed Sep 29 14:49:50 GMT 2004

I have a situation where the call through the cli_query_secdesc api 
against two separate  NetApp filers running ONTAP 6.4.2p6 and 6.5.2 is 
failing. It works fine against an NT4 server.

This happens with both samba-3.0.2 and samba-3.0.7 running on debian 
stable. With samba-3.0.2 on debug level 10, I see:

sec_io_desc sd data
prs_mem_get: reading data of size 2 would overrun buffer.
Failed to parse secdesc

as the last entries in the log which would seem to indicate that the 
security descriptor is somehow not the correct size that samba is 
expecting. With samba-3.0.7, the code segfaults.

I have a small python script that uses the python2.2-samba libs from to pull owner and group info off of files which is how I 
disovered this.

I have debug=10 captures and tcpdump pcap files for the dialog between 
samba and the NetApp ONTAP 6.4.2p6 for both samba 3.0.2 and 3.0.7 at:



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