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Deryck Hodge deryck at samba.org
Sun Sep 26 00:15:03 GMT 2004

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| I would point out (to those who don't already live there, and I know
| Dereck does ;-) that covering the #samba-technical channel (and seeing
| the followup on samba-cvs) is critical, to gain a real understanding of
| how things are moving.  A lot of development (and a lot of everything
| else) occurs there, and it's hard to follow that from the lists.
| Andrew Bartlett

I would agree with Andrew whole-heartedly on this point.  Notice Andrew's
use of the words "live there."  :-)  Not that you would be required to move
in, but keeping track of things may end up taking more time than you at
first realize.  Not that I wish to discourage anyone; you should just
realize that reporting on Samba activity will take some time.

There are perks, though -- all the fine folks you'll get to know, for
starters. :-)

For those who expressed an interest, I'll wait another 24-48 hours to see
if anyone else responds, and then I'll contact volunteers about how we'll
get started.  Thanks, all.

- -- deryck
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