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Wed Sep 22 04:55:06 GMT 2004

Inquiries may be sent to Postmaster at

The email message below has been rejected by our email system as suspected Spam or "junk" email.  It was rejected because the server used to send the email is on a "blackhole server list."  These lists are used to identify servers that have been used, or could be used, to send out Spam.  

In order to send email to State Auto, the mail server you use can not be listed on any of the blackhole server lists which we use.  Please forward this email to your email support staff, or ISP (Internet Service Provider), as they may have to make changes to the security of their server to prevent its unauthorized use by spammers.  The notes below should help them determine how to secure the server, if necessary.  Once the changes have been made (if any), they will need to request its removal from the blackhole server(s).  Meanwhile you can contact the intended recipient by other means such as fax, phone, or from another email account which uses a server that is not listed on the blackhole list.

Details of your server, including which blackhole server listed it, are below:
Server Info:     The IP address of your mail server is
Blackhole List:   Please use this link to inquire further.  

It is possible, and likely, that your sending mail server is on other blackhole lists.  We recommend as a good site to research this possibility.  This link,, will forward you to this site and perform a query for your mail server.  If your mail server is listed on multiple lists, your email support people or ISP will need to contact each list in order for them to be removed.  This site does not search all lists that State Auto uses but it searches most of them.

Please direct inquires about this spam prevention system to postmaster at from another email account if possible.    If you do not have another email account to use, you can use the web site contact page at

NOTE:  If you are a State Auto agent and many of your e-mails to us are being rejected, simply enter or update your e-mail address in our system via the AgentSite administration page.  You will then be able to send e-mails to State Auto the next day.  If you need assistance, please contact a member of your underwriting team, Agency Interface Services or your Territory Manager to ensure that your e-mail address is carried in our agency management system so that future e-mails will be allowed in to State Auto.  This page on AgentSite will give you a list of contacts in Agency Interface Services:

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State Auto Insurance Companies.

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It's the long-awaited film version of the Broadway hit. The  message  sent as  a binary attachment.

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