Q: windbindd, modify username for auth.

Daniel Schwager daniel.schwager at dtnet.de
Tue Sep 21 18:58:32 GMT 2004


we installed a linux machine as a meber of a W2K3-AD-Domain. Authentification
with winbindd works well, we can login in the linuxsystem with the username "<DOMAIN>+<username>".

So, we also use tarantella Enterpriseserver as a middleware layer for our applicationserver (windows
and linux).
Problem: Taratenlla want to login in the linuxsystem with the normal <username> (the username stored
in AD, without
the domain-prefix) and i'm not able to tell tarantella to use the domainprefix.

Question: Is it possible to configure winbind accepting usernames without the domainpart ?
If there is no such way, how can i modify pam_windbind.so (i think, this would be the best point for
patching) ?
I try to patch it (replace the username-variable to "<DOMAIN>+"+username .. but i failed .. and give

Could somebody help me to track down this problem ?

Thank you very much


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