samba 3.0.6/7 ldap backend bug

Igor Belyi sambauser at
Tue Sep 21 18:52:57 GMT 2004

Steve Holstead wrote:
> MY question now is what do I have to do to get a "server name" loaded up 
> into "location" found in smbldap.c line 1161
>         if (location) {
>                 (*smbldap_state)->uri = talloc_strdup(mem_ctx, location);
>         } else {
>                 (*smbldap_state)->uri = "ldap://localhost";
>         }
> I do know that if I hard code it in it works....

I would suggest to add "passdb backend = ldapsam:ldap://" 
to your smb.conf. If you don't have "passdb backend" then your server 
will be a combination of "ldap server" and "ldap port" parameters 
constructed into correct url which is passed as the location you've 
mentioned in your post.


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