Having trouble while trying to configure samba-4

Peter Waechtler peter at helios.de
Mon Sep 20 13:53:04 GMT 2004

Am Montag, 20. September 2004 15:25 schrieb Kovalyeff Sergey:
> Hello people.
> 	I'm trying to configure samba 4 version, (i didn't tried to make
> previous versions o samba by hands in this distributuin).
> Configure tells me that there is "no seteuid method available".
> I can't understand what does it looking for (setuidx?...) and where to
> get it :)

This is just a warning. Since you don't run configure as root, it skips
the tests for seteuid/setuid, because they can't work out as normal user.

Which errors do you get? :)

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