[PATCH] getgroups() gives wrong result with nss_winbind

Andreas andreas at conectiva.com.br
Sat Sep 18 18:37:06 GMT 2004

On Sat, Sep 18, 2004 at 06:38:36PM +0200, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
>   NSS initgroups function is called with
>      const char *user;	Login name
>      gid_t group;	Primary group
>      long int *start;	Number of group entries already populated
>      gid_t **bufp;	Return of groups
>      long int *size;	Initial size of the above return buffer, in number 
>      of entries.
>      long int limit;	Maximum allowed number of returned entries, <= 0 no 
>      limit
>      int *ettnop;	Errno return
> And the NSS module is supposed to realloc *bufp while populating the 
> entries until limit is reached, and in addition to prune out duplicate 

Ah, nice to know

> Samba-3.0.7 even has code for this, but a few minor mistakes relating to 
> the limit parameter makes it never trigger.. Attached is a (untested) 
> patch which should address this and a few other bugs in the same code is 
> attached.
I tried the patch (just had to define MIN) and all my test cases started working.

[DOMAIN\marcia at pandora ~]$ id|wc
      1       7    5979
[DOMAIN\marcia at pandora ~]$ id DOMAIN\\marcia|wc
      1       7    5970

[DOMAIN\marcia at pandora ~]$ /tmp/getgroups

[root at pandora ~]# /tmp/1/initgroups DOMAIN\\marcia
Number of groups for DOMAIN\marcia: 224
[root at pandora ~]#

Nice! :)

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