Doing event-based share discovery and mounting

David Wuertele dave-gnus at
Thu Sep 16 23:13:49 GMT 2004

I would like to write an automount daemon that does its best to detect
when shares become available or become unavailable on the network, so
that these shares can be mounted or unmounted within seconds of their
status change.  I have something that works OK now, but it polls the
network and is very slow.  I would prefer to have something event

1.  Does this functionality already exist somewhere for Linux?

2.  When windows or samba hosts start or stop sharing services, do
    they broadcast their presence?

3.  When windows or samba hosts change sharing services, eg. pull one
    share down but leave the rest up, do they broadcast a

4.  Is there code in the Samba project that will allow me to catch and
    decode broadcast notifications?

5.  If 1 through 5 are false, how is it that Windows is able to
    refresh network views on a seemingly event-driven basis?


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