Error compiling 3.1.0-SVN-build-2341

Green, Paul Paul.Green at
Wed Sep 15 16:11:33 GMT 2004

Michael Lueck [mailto:mlueck at] wrote:
> 3.1.0-SVN-build-2341
> Debian Unstable OS on Intel CPU

I'm peering into my crystal ball and I can't see the version number of the
copy of Debian that you are using. Going to be hard to reproduce this

> John Terpstra has been instructing me on how to pull down the 
> Samba 3.1 source so I may test out the latest features and 
> send along suggestions for the documenation.
> I have made it up to the 'make' process and the compiler 
> stops due to the following:
> creating /home/pianoman/samba31/samba-trunk/source/utils/net_proto.h
> creating 
> /home/pianoman/samba31/samba-trunk/source/utils/ntlm_auth_proto.h
> Compiling dynconfig.c
> In file included from include/includes.h:937,
>                   from dynconfig.c:21:
> include/proto.h:1551: error: parse error before '*' token
> include/proto.h:1551: warning: data definition has no type or 
> storage class

Still peering, somehow, if I could only see line 1551 of include/proto.h, I
could probably figure out which data type you is undefined.  That rather
cryptic error from gcc is trying to say that the source file is using a data
type but hasn't defined it.

Going to have to return my crystal ball to the shop for some work.

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