quota-support seems to be broken in 3.0.6/3.0.7

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Wed Sep 15 12:59:10 GMT 2004

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Ingo Steuwer schrieb:

| Hello
| I came up with this problem on the samba-list but had now suggestions so far.
| We're using samba based on the debian-package in linux (kernel 2.4.26),
| which we compiled including the configure-option "--with-quotas"
| The user-interaction with quotas is OK, in his (the users) view the
| partition-size is limited to his quota-hard-limit. This works both with
| XFS and EXT3.
| Windows (XP SP1 and SP2) administration of quota is not possible. Using
| 3.0.5 I can do a right-click->Eigenschaften (preferences) on a
| network-device and can set/modify quotas using the
| "Kontingentverwaltung" (quota administration). With samba 3.0.6 or 3.0.7
| this tab is missing. Is this a general problem or only with the
| debian-package ?
| Debug level "6 quota:11" gives me the appended messages. As far as I can
| see the first difference apart from line-numbers is in "got message type
| 0x0 of len 0x64" from process.c:process_smb. Does it mean the client
| asks different or the server sends in a different way ?
| smbcquotas -vv  //server/share  -F -U Administrator
| gives me after asking for my pasword:
| Failed to open \$Extend/$Quota:$Q:$INDEX_ALLOCATION
| what (kind of) object is samba looking for ?
Hi Ingo,

This is a virtuell file (pipe) for the quota administration.

1.) I know what the problem is with smbcquotas and it will be fixed soon in svn and in the next release,
2.) the problem why the win client -> samba server quota administration don't work, is a bigger
~    problem
~    could you take ethereal capture of this working and not working and send it to me?

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