smbclient can't see japanese sharenames?

SATOH Fumiyasu fumiya at
Wed Sep 8 03:40:16 GMT 2004


At Tue, 07 Sep 2004 13:50:36 -0700,
David Wuertele wrote:
> I have a windows2000 host which is sharing two folders:
>   1.  "share" (all ASCII)
>   2.  "atarashii foruda" (Japanese SJIS)

How byte width (not character width) does "atarashii foruda" have?
If strlen("sharename in dos charset") > 12, smbclient cannot
retrieve it from the SMB server. This is a same limitation as
Windows 9x client.

On Japanese-version Windows, the "dos charset" is "CP932",
not "SJIS". "CP932" is a variant of "SJIS".

> My locale is all UTF-8.  In my smb.conf file I have this:
>   [global]
>     client code page = 932
>     coding system = UTF8

The "client code page" and the "coding system" parameter
are obsoleted by Samba 3.0. Use the following config instead:

    dos charset = CP932
    unix charset = UTF8

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