Backupping TDBs

Simo Sorce idra at
Mon Sep 6 11:52:04 GMT 2004

in this thread [1] of June we were giving a list of tdbs that should be
backed up. I see one error that that have been followed by some distro
(FC 2 for example).

In the list group_mapping.tdb is considered as a file that can be
deleted and jerry only advice it's backup.

We should make it clear this file should be backupped, otherwise after a
reboot mapped groups will vanish with smbpasswd or tdbsam backends.

We also proposed to add the topic into our HOWTO but I could find
anything on-line, have we just missed that?
Jelmer, John any clue?

Btw, that web search linked on seem not working correctly (it
tells you how many pages found but then give not you the links to the
pages back).



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