svn commit: lorikeet r43 - in trunk/heimdal/lib: hdb kadm5

Love lha at
Sun Sep 5 21:04:06 GMT 2004

abartlet at writes:

> Author: abartlet
> Date: 2004-09-05 13:09:03 +0000 (Sun, 05 Sep 2004)
> New Revision: 43
> WebSVN:
> Log:
> We now have unicodePwd working for the lorikeet-heimdal intergration.
> This makes it much easier to setup, as we don't need to worry about
> the NT hash, we can just ldbedit and put in an ascii password...
> (now to see what lha thinks of my chainsaw effort ;-)

most *-{protos,private}.h are also generated (as you might have noticed).

I need to sleep on moving key_set mumble from kadm5 to hdb.

I think you want to cache the result of string2key, for AES it might be
expensive, esp when tunning the PKCS5-PBKDF2 string2key iterator to
something more the 4K.


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