Subversion Snapshot Script for Shadow Copies Support

Dustin A. Dortch ddortch at
Fri Sep 3 14:25:00 GMT 2004

I have created a wrapper script for the Subversion commands to perform a
snapshot of the working area.  This could be useful for Samba share
data.  In addition, the script queries the Subversion server and
requests the dates of the latest 60, or less, revisions.  It then
creates dumby directories using the dates.  These directories could be
used by a new VFS module for Shadow Copies support.  The module would
just need to parse the path, and if the path listed is for a one of the
date directories, it could pull the previous versions from the
Subversion repository.
I think that this approach seems better than the volume management
approach, as far as the overhead created upon the increase in snapshots.
Dustin A. Dortch AKA Wicked187

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