torture lsa

tridge at tridge at
Wed Sep 1 23:33:50 GMT 2004


 > the following adds 2 tests to the LSA-RPC suite
 > LookupPrivDisplayName
 > EnumAccountsWithUserRight

thanks very much!

I fixed a couple of minor things in your patch that you might like to
keep in mind for future torture tests:

 - you need to test with valgrind. There were some uninitialised
   variables being pushed onto the wire (specifically the "unknown"
   fields in lsa_LookupPrivDisplayName) which valgrind easily spots.

 - tests should return true/false on success/failure, so the overall
   test result indicates if the test is OK, so we can find bugs easily
   in automated runs of the tests. The result of
   test_EnumAccountsWithUserRight was being ignored.

 - error codes that are expected should not print errors. For example,
   EnumAccountsWithUserRight() is expected to give
   NT_STATUS_NO_MORE_ENTRIES when there is no account with that

 - when a test displays a lot of similar lines, its nice if it says
   what it is doing more specifically. For example, instead of
   printing "testing LookupPrivDisplayName" dozens of times, it can
   print "testing LookupPrivDisplayName(SeSecurityPrivilege)" to the
   user can see which privilege is being tested.

Cheers, Tridge

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