William Jojo jojowil at hvcc.edu
Wed Sep 1 12:04:02 GMT 2004

good morining,

Since the adding of the wide links in 3.0.6 I've noticed that my smbd's
statx objects outside the share view hundreds of times more than in 3.0.4.

I've verified this with truss on both versions. It seems that many files
are transferred in 3.0.4 before a statx burst, but there seems to be a
statx burst for every file in 3.0.6. By burst I mean that the smbd seems
to be reviewing all the entries (opendir) in the root of the share and
statx all entries in the root (/) filesystem by virtue of (./../../path)

I've played around with the "stat cache", "wide links" and "getwd cache"
options, but the docs are not clear on how they interact with each other.

I just know that moving back to 3.0.4 has reduced the overall load of a
few hundred smbd's and seems to have greatly reduced the number of
smbpasswd lock failures which occur even when the system is 90% idle. I've
never seen smbpasswd fail miserably as is did yesterday. Since going back
to 3.0.4, I only have an occasional lock failure, under load (as I would
sort of expect). I've also noticed the smbd's seem to be reading smbpasswd
more frequently than in 3.0.4. This I observed with a truss as well - the
process would be moving files then a blast of reading from smbpasswd then
more files being moved followed by....well you get the picture.

(aix 5.2, p650 8-way 1.2GHz power4+ 24GB, IBM C compiler)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I couldn't get a log level 10 as
that would cripple my system and it's production. I had all I could do to
gather this much info with upsetting too many people by bouncing versions.

But I will set up a 3.0.4 and 3.0.6 system and get log level's 10 and do
some compares and post my results here if that's ok.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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