Samba4 LDAP Integration

Dustin A. Dortch ddortch at
Fri Oct 29 13:56:52 GMT 2004

>I tried to work on openLdap code, I wrote an ldb module with basic
>functionality, and, at last, found it was much easier and productive
>samba4 development to start from scratch and build up a new ldap
>It was a well thought decision.
>Said that I'm not saying samba will support _only_ the samba ldap
>server, we are still in early development steps in this field and being
>able to have our ldap server tightly integrated helps a lot to develop
>the whole project faster. Once we will have all the details and needs
>sorted out we will be able to decide how to address compatibility
>towards other ldap servers.

Will the new ldap server be able to support other ldap integrated
services?  I have no problem with a new server as long as it can still
provide the necessary support.  I am sure you considered this, but what
about just building a new replication service for OpenLDAP?  I apologize
for my lack of understanding of ldap, I am just trying to play devil's
advocate (and I am trying to understand what is going on :) ).  My
biggest beef with OpenLDAP has been replication... not only whether it
is multi-master or not, but the level of replication control.  In the
limited multi-master support of OpenLDAP, the server that is written to
updates each and every other server separately, instead of being able to
make some sort of replication path scheme that occurs (like in AD with
bridgehead servers and replication paths).

>If someone wants to take this road I can't be other than happy,
>meanwhile who does the code decide :)

Dustin A. Dortch

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