Problem while sharing.

Agis Andreou aagis at
Thu Oct 28 16:04:20 GMT 2004

    I am trying to use a share of  computer B from computer A in a LAN.
Both A and B are in the same workgroup and run windows XP.
I a came accross the following strange behaviour. From computer A:
* This doesnt work:
net use k: \\B\share /USER:B\user
password request
Unknown User name or wrong password
* but this works:
net use k: \\ip_of_B\share /USER:B\user
password request
the command completed successfully

Both computers run windows XP. I sniffed the SMB transaction and it seems
to be expactly the same ( appart from trying to connect to resourse 
\\B\share in the
first case and \\ip_of_B\share in the second one and of course the response
which is indeed LOGON_ERROR in the first case ), so yes it A contacts B 
in both
cases and the error message is not misleading: B actually responds with 
logon error.

The problem is that B's ip is obtained from a DHCP server so it changes 
time to time. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance,
Agis Andreou.

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