Samba4 LDAP Integration

Pierre Filippone pierre.filippone at
Wed Oct 27 14:01:39 GMT 2004


we use Samba 3 as domain controllers for a Citrix server farm and in the 
near future we are planning to use these DCs also for the rest of our 

Although it works very well, in the forseeable future we will be obliged 
to offer some sort of AD emulation, unless we get rid of Windows OSes for 
our desktops, which I don't see at the moment. Longhorn will probably not 
support non-AD DCs any more. 

The question that arises for us is, how difficult the migration from Samba 
3 to Samba 4 will be, especially regarding the LDAP backend. At the moment 
we have a perfect integration of all samba related attributes in our 
existing user entries. Simply add samba attributes and go. 
Will it stay like this in Samba4, meaning that we can keep our existing 
structure in openldap, at least regarding users and groups, and samba4 
will present some kind of translated LDAP view to MS clients ? 
Or are you planning to put AD entries directly into openldap, which makes 
the integration of our existing entries difficult or impossible.

Has there already been made a decision or is it too early to ask this 
question ?


Pierre Filippone

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