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Wed Oct 27 00:43:43 GMT 2004

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Roland Gruber wrote:
| Hi all,
| I am one of the developers of the "LDAP Account Manager".
| Our program provides a GUI to manage Samba accounts.
| Now on to my question: Is there some more specific documentation about
| the new LDAP attributes (e.g. 'sambaLogonHours') than the HowTo? We
| would like to manage them in our program but do not know what input
| values are possible.
| We would need some detailed description and if possible a regular
| expression for syntax checking.
| The schema which comes with 3.0.7 also includes attributes for smb.conf
| like sambaShare. Is there a roadmap when these attributes are used in
| the stable Samba releases?
| We probably would provide an editor for them in our application.
| It would be great if someone of the Samba team could provide me the
| requested information. It would be even better if we had somebody from
| the Samba team who informs us if new attributes are introduced and
| answers our questions directly.
| Thanks in advance for your help.

Hey Roland.  I'll follow up with you later this week.  ping me
if you haven't heard back by Friday.

cheers, jerry
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