File Locking

Nicolas Bottarini nicolas at
Tue Oct 26 13:18:37 GMT 2004


            In my enterprise we have our php web projects in a Linux server.
We are using Samba shared folders to access the source code. The problem
that I'm having is that I need a mechanism to control de access of the files
so that 2 developers working on the same project can't open the same file
for writing at the same time. The only thing that I found for this is using
Frontpage extensions, but I hate to use Interdev as the editor. I would like
that all developers uses the editor of their preference.

I thought that maybe it was a good idea to use samba for this purpose. If I
can achieve this, it will be transparent to the developer. 

If it can be done by configuring samba it would be great. Or maybe there's a
way to extend samba, I don't know if there's a way to do this.


Thank you very much




Pd: Sorry for my English, I'm from Argentina.


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