share names with special characters

Bjoern JACKE bjoern at
Sun Oct 24 19:07:01 GMT 2004


I saw that shares containing characters not contained in the "dos charset" 
like the Euro-sign (€) when dos charset is CP850 are not listed with 
smbclient. Unix charset is UTF-8. smbclient just cuts everything after 
the the €.


# unix charset is default: UTF-8
# dos charset is default: CP850
# display charset is default LOCALE; UTF-8


smbclient will just list

        Sharename       Type      Comment
        euro            Disk

>From unicode-talking Windows clients this is shown correctly, also more
"exotic" share names like "ようこそ" are shown correctly from Win clients, 
just smbclient doesn't. Smb.conf is of course also utf8 encoded.

When I set "dos charset = UTF-8" also smbclient shows those shares correctly.
This is very strange, isn't it? I thought dos charset would just matter for
non-unicode talking clients, which smbclient isn't supposed to be.Any ideas?
Looks like smbclient isn't really talking unicode on the wire.


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