libsmbclient threadsafeness

David Wuertele dave-gnus at
Mon Oct 18 23:09:03 GMT 2004

Hi Michael, thanks for the advice.

Michael> I don't think anyone is going to be brave enough to tell you
Michael> which functions are or are not thread safe.

Yeah, I don't expect people to go out on a limb and say "That one's
guaranteed to be threadsafe", but on the other hand I thought it was
worth asking which ones are known to be *not* OK.  It is a lot easier
to know something is broken than to know it is not broken.

Michael> BOOL
Michael> ts_cli_nt_session_open(struct cli_state *cli, const int pipe_idx,
Michael> pthread_mutex_t *lock)
Michael> {
Michael>     BOOL ret;
Michael>     pthread_mutex_lock(lock);
Michael>     ret = cli_nt_session_open(cli, pipe_idx);
Michael>     pthread_mutex_unlock(lock);
Michael>     return ret;
Michael> }

This is essentially what I've done, but inline without defining a
function.  Since I've done it for every call into libsmbclient
already, I'm now going to try backing off things that probably don't
need it, like "pull_ascii_fstring()" and the like.

Michael> So when you say "massively threaded" I hope you realize that
Michael> using more threads isn't necessarily going to increase
Michael> paralellism.

Yes I understand that.  Fortunately (for the performance of my
program) there are lots of things that keep the threads busy when they
aren't calling libsmbclient functions.  But I still want any gain that
I can get by backing out any of my locks.


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