VFS & dirent

Marek Grac xgrac at fi.muni.cz
Mon Oct 18 16:35:23 GMT 2004


I'm trying to work on VFS module but not very succesfully :( I was able to 
write vfs module with functions opendir/closedir/readdir but have problem 
in readdir because I have to fill the dirent with proper values. I'm able 
to print those values to log, so I know they are correct. Readdir is 
runned several times (last record return NULL). I used to fill direnty 
with filldir() in kernel, but I don't know about such function in samba. 
If there is no such function which values I have to set in dirent? Is 
there any vfs for samba which is completely virtual (no real filesystem 
under it)?

 					pax, marx
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