Samba 4 Status Question

Luke Howard lukeh at
Mon Oct 18 10:07:07 GMT 2004

>>May I suggest killing several birds with one stone, and making a common
>>web interface specifically for simplifying account management. IIRC
>>Windows password changes use a one-way cipher before sending it over the
>>wire? Using a direct web interface gets the cleartext password in the
>>hands of the server-side code, and thus can be applied to any type of
>>auth database.
>Then, you might be interested in the IMC/SambaConsole project : we 
>already have a decent web interface for dealing with account management. 
>Moreover, the framework (both IMC and UserManager2 which deals with LDAP 
>accounts) are meant to be extensible. for 
>more infos.

On the subject of shameless plugs, our XAD identity server supports
unified management of POSIX and Windows accounts, and supports the
MMC tools. More information at

(And yes, it does include SAMBA. :-))

-- Luke


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