Samba 3.0.7 running under Solaris 8

Thomas Mieslinger Thomas.Mieslinger at
Wed Oct 13 09:19:15 GMT 2004

Are you trying to run a Solaris 9 binary on Solaris 8? That ususally not a
good idea.
Does your Solaris 8 have an installed ldap library? I think Solaris 8 does
not install ldap libraries by default. What does ldd swat say?
The best idea would be to recompile Samba on Solaris 8. Solaris is upward
compatible, so you can use the Solaris 8 binaries on 9 to ease your life.

regards Thomas
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schrieb am 13.10.2004 10:28:25:

> I have installed Samba 3.0.7 under Solaris 9 and all works OK, however I
> have carried out the same install on a Solaris 8 system and I am unable
> to get Swat working, does anyone have any ideas where I am going wrong.
> I get the following error when I try to access Swat through a browser:
> swat: fatal: open failed: No such file or
> directory
> I know this is to do with library paths but I cannot get it to locate
> the library under /usr/local/lib, instead it appears to look under
> /usr/lib and then fails.
> Any help would be great, swat is being started from within the
> inetd.conf file.
> Regards
> Neil

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