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Steven French sfrench at
Mon Oct 11 18:23:50 GMT 2004

> My samba version is 3.0.7.(fedora core 1) 
>I set smb.conf following:
>  public = no
>  path = /home/authdir
>  write list = barry
>  create mask=0600 
>  directory mask=0700 
>[root at fedora home]# ls -l
>drwxrwxrwt   root root  authdir
>when barry login samba,can not create directory or files in authdir.
> So I delete "write list=barry",and enter "writable=yes",and  restart 
> then barry can create or files in authdir. so i think it is a bug.all 
> (option "write list" has problem.)

I just tested on three shares
 path= /tmp/temp
 write list = barry

 path= /tmp/temp1
 writeable = yes

 path= /tmp/temp2

If I specify the user "barry" on the mount from the client (e.g. "mount -t 
cifs //server/temp /mnt -o user=barry") then I am able to create files in 
the first two shares but not in the third.  It appears that at least on 
current 3.0.7 write list works.

Three obvious things to check - 
1) verify that you really are mounting with user id barry  (you can e.g. 
do smbstatus on the server) and that such a user exists in the server (not 
just in /etc/password but in the samba password file)
2) verify that you are not authenticating as a guest (you can do this 
various ways including using a network analyzer such as ethereal)
3) on the server itself verify that you have write permission to that 
directory as the user (on the server "cd /home/authdir" then "su barry" 
then try to create a file) since many operating systems now support more 
complex ACLs beyond the normal Unix mode bits.

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