samba shares access issue in Solaris from a MT program

David Collier-Brown davec-b at
Fri Oct 8 16:38:29 GMT 2004

Richard Sharpe wrote:
>> OK, I believe I know where to fix this in, but, remind me
>> again why we need to do this?
>> In particular, why would we restrict this to Solaris?
>     This applies to Solaris because of the different thread model
>     it uses, quite different from Linux.  The thread-safe errno
>     is turned on by -D_REENTRANT, allowing the library to be
>     used (given appropriate locking) with Gnome. In principle,
>     this applies to any samba library which is properly protected
>     by locks in the caller, as is the case in Gnome.

	And just to be clear, the -D_REENTRANT doesn't introduce
	anything that would mess up a normal program, just a
	change to the thread-safe errno.

	Can you apply this?

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