Account can only be used to login one at a time

David Collier-Brown davec-b at
Thu Oct 7 14:34:21 GMT 2004

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> This works, for cases where there is a persistent CIFS connection to the
> server.  However (and this is why I talk about partial solutions) there
> is no CIFS connection that must be maintained for the user to remain
> logged in.  It could be that at particular sites, the home drive is on
> the PDC (and always mapped), and that is a good 'indicator'.  

	But they're mostly heuristics, not clear indications.

	To do a user sign-on limit at the server, the smbds
	for the same user would need to be "queried" to see
	if the user was still alive,and the sign-on rejected
	if there was an active (not dead, not broken and not
	timed-out) user on another smbd.

	There is already a mapping from username to smbd, so
	a query could be a signal or signal-like message to
	the smbds for that user to send an are-you-there
	to the client. A disconnected, dead or time-out
	client would resulting a SIGPIPE, that smbd would close
	down and the mapping would be gone.

	However, because PCs can and will time out, there could
	be a timed-out connection that the PC thinks is alive,
	and which it might try to reestablish. The algorithm
	I describe would only have the choice to allow two
	connections, or deny the reconnect!

	This might be A Bad Thing (;-))

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