large file support in smbfs

David Wuertele dave-gnus at
Tue Oct 5 18:06:08 GMT 2004

My embedded system (linux-1.4.18) currently uses smbfs (stock) and
smbmount (from 3.0.6) to access shares on the network, but I'm running
into problems with >2GB files, only on smbfs.  Directory listings show
wrong numbers for files >2GB, and dd craps out before finishing the

I tried using cifs, and it had no problems with 2GB files, but it has
other problems (ie bugs).  I have heard that smbfs works fine with
>2GB files, but so far I haven't found any clues as to what I need to
do to enable it.

Any suggestions of where to start troubleshooting?


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