Getting the list of logged-on user on remote PC

Eric Leblond regit at
Tue Oct 5 15:31:25 GMT 2004


Let me just start with some introduction words.

NuFW ( is an authenticating firewall suite available
under GPL licence.

Broadly speaking, classical firewalls allow you to have policy like :
	Authorize IP1 on IMAP server, port IMAP. 
NuFW enables you to define filtering policy like :
	Authorize John to connect to IMAP server if he uses thunderbird on a
windows XP SP2.
This kind of policy requires to have a client running on the

We want to build a "no client" version that offers reduced
functionalities (no application filtering) but provides transparent
authentication of user packets.

To do so, all that remains to do is a C function that runs on our Linux
server and does :
Let A be the IP of a workstation, get the name(s) of user(s) logged-on
to A.

Microsoft internal protocol are far from being our speciality, so we're
looking for the direction to be taken to write such a function.

Could someone point us to documentation describing method or library
able to do such a thing ?

Thanks in advance,
Eric Leblond <regit at>
NuFW, Now User Filtering Works :

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