SAMBA 3.0.7 PDC + W2k Terminal services + roaming profile + terminal server profile

Zylo shiningzylo at
Fri Oct 1 15:44:33 GMT 2004

[was "Samba 3.0.7 PDC + W2K terminal server + profiles" on samba.general]

I'm searching informations about w2k terminal server profiles with a samba 3

The tests I did let me think that the samba terminal server profile is equal
to the samba roaming profile. Is that "normal" ?
Idealx claims on their web site that they developped patchs to support term.
serv. profiles : are these patchs integrated in the main branch ?
An ancien post let me think that there are hacks with dialer strings and/or
user parameters (nt4 / 2000 ?) which permits the support of term. profiles :
how to manage this ?

In short : does samba have a "real" support for term. profiles ? If not, is
it planned ? Is it documented ?

Thank you in advance.

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