cifs version 1.26 test version for 2.6.8 or later kernels

Steve French smfrench at
Tue Nov 30 23:28:25 GMT 2004

I have created a tar.gz file of the replacement files for fs/cifs
directory for 2.6.8 or later kernels which matches version 1.26 of the
cifs vfs for testing for 2.6 kernels.

The new readdir code can be enabled by:
	echo 1 > /proc/fs/cifs/NewReaddirEnabled
The new readdir code should fix the various problems reported in
cifs_readdir (the NLS mapping of some Asian names, the cifs_readdir oops
most importantly and probably will workaround the Netapp server readdir
problem that had also been reported).

This also includes POSIX ACL support which will work to very current
Samba servers (current 3.10pre Samba in svn)

The cifs files are in, and in the project bk tree
(bk:// and also as a tar gz file as:

There are still a few readdir related enhancements that I want to make
before 2.6.10 (if possible), but I would appreciate any feedback/bugs on
this new version of the cifs vfs as it includes many changes, not just
the total rewrite of cifs_readdir.

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